Your guide to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle,

Helping you to your best body, mind and soul at any age. I know exactly how you feel because I was in your shoes. I want to help you make the change and enjoy the results.

  • Quality Sleep

  • Increased Energy

  • Desired Weight

  • Delicious and Satisfying Food

About Me

As an Occupational Therapist I know that helping people live their best lives is a key component to independence and wellness. Plant Based Nutrition changed my life in every area and I want to share this with as many people as I can. I have taken what I have learned and now coach others through fitness, emotional wellness and plant based nutrition and help them achieve their goals so that they can live THEIR best life.

The Plant Based Prima Donna Personalized Experience

Are you ready to accelerate your whole food plant-based journey? My One to One personalized program is for you.

Your One to One Guide to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

  • Four 60 Minute Coaching Sessions per month for 3 months; includes discussion of your progress, lifestyle, fitness, meal plans and mindset recommendations

  • Unlimited text and email support

  • Coaching and support to troubleshoot your personal challenges in making life changes

  • Access to a free copy of The Plant Based Prima Donna Well Fed ebook

  • My personal commitment to your success!

Client Reviews

Why Choose Us

After about age 30 I struggled with my weight. Losing and gaining became a vicious circle. As I got into my 40’s it became harder and harder to lose and I was starting to think obesity was my future. I had been searching for a lifestyle that would provide me with food I desired, craved and loved to prepare but also helped me achieve the weight, energy and overall good feeling I wanted. I found information from several top physicians about a whole food plant-based lifestyle and decided to give it a try.

I was immediately amazed at the results, how I felt and the ease at which I was able to consistently live the lifestyle. Ultimately, I have been where you may be and know what steps need to be taken to make the transition. I am a wife, mom, and friend just like many of you. I am not a celebrity with unlimited resources and I can help you to make this transition while balancing, family, friends and social life.