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Many people have asked me how I can be so committed to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Particularly because they have known me to be overweight in my adult years and just cannot wrap their brain around how I made such a permanent change.

It comes down recognizing the problem and finding a solution that not only worked but allowed me to have what I want in all areas of my life.

I did not just decide one day that I want to be at my optimal weight and fit. I have been searching for the
how to get there for many of my adult years. The difference here is not my motivation, commitment, goals. The difference was results.

When I have taken on other diet plans, I have not been able to sustain the program. I always felt something was missing. When I transitioned to a whole food plant-based lifestyle, within one week, I felt satisfied. It wasn’t that my cravings were gone it was that my cravings are fulfilled and I am satisfied. I didn’t end meals looking for something else or feel hungry. My body started to crave vegetables. I literally crave greens; I need to eat them in the same way I used to crave brownies!

Don’t get me wrong, on special occasions I eat sugar but my overall diet is focused heavily on vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains. When I do indulge, it is short lived and my body directs me back to the basics and I feel amazing.

If you are wondering how to transition but feel it is too strict, you may want to try doing one day a week with no animal products, or one meal a day. Maybe, having only fruit for dessert is a start for you. There are many ways to transition without doing it all at once.

If you want more insights, I am here to help!

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