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Control is an interesting concept. It can be such a source of frustration and even anxiety. Many times, as humans we get very focused on what others are doing, things that are happening that we do not like and our mind dives deeper and deeper into something we have no ability to impact. What I have written above can help draw you back to the things you are able to impact, most specifically your own behavior and reaction to things. It can be difficult to not want to control others, but in the end, we never will. People will do what they want, when they want and most often, people do what works best for them. Power comes when you focus on you and being the best version of yourself.

I know when I am treating my body with respect by providing nutrients and exercise, I feel great. Have you ever found yourself coping with the frustrations of other people’s behavior by doing something harmful to yourself? Binge eating, eating processed food, binging alcohol? When you take a step back from that type of behavior it sounds ridiculous.

Shifting focus during times of stress is difficult, but like any other behavior the more you do it, the more efficient you will get at it. Everyone has different triggers for behavior that is detrimental to our personal health both mind and body, learn about yours and take steps to create change.

First figure out what exactly is bothering you. Define it. Maybe even write it down. Then take an objective approach about what positive actions you can take to impact the situation and be realistic. Then take those positive actions when you can. Once you have taken those steps, refocus on taking care of you. Your mind is a powerful tool and your greatest ally, use it well.

I truly believe this approach impacts happiness!

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