The Plant Based Prima Donna Signature Course

Welcome to my signature course in transitioning to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. I bring you this course based on my personal experience. I want to help others get the same benefits I have in making this my permanent lifestyle because it has had such a profound impact on my health, energy, physical fitness and yes, my jean size!

You may be just like I was, struggling to find a lifestyle you can maintain along with being as healthy as possible and have the energy to work out and live at your optimal weight. Over the years I had tried every diet out there, and they all worked……for a minute. I used to say I am waiting for the bagel and chocolate diet! I love chocolate and bread and pasta but everyone knows you can’t eat carbs, right?

For a while I thought I was doomed to be fat and then a friend told me to look into a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

At first, I was thinking, what? No cheese? I could never do that. I wasn’t worried about not eating red meat, chicken or fish because I was never much of a meat eater, but cheese, butter, sour cream…YIKES!

Since I was sick of being out of breath from tying my shoes and heading into my BIG 50th birthday I decided to give it a try.

I was blown away. Not only was my weight plummeting but I felt amazing, strong, energetic and I was sleeping well for the first time in a long time.

Here is a snapshot of my results; I lost 50lbs in one year, I dropped my body fat from 43% to 23% all while maintaining strength and muscle mass and I still continue to get stronger.  I am no longer in need of my blood pressure or cholesterol medication.

I am not a scientist, chef or celebrity and I did not create this lifestyle. I am just like you, and I am here to give you amazing recipes and tips that have worked for me and allow me to be satisfied, maintain an avid social life with friends and family and push myself physically in the gym.

I know this works because I am living it!


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Teacher Rory Perry