About Rory

After years of personally struggling with my weight, I decided to really dig into finding a way of eating that would work long term. I discovered a Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle and began my journey to the best health, mindset, and fitness level of my adult life at age 50. It was very important to me to find a lifestyle that I could maintain which allowed me to not only feel satisfied with the food I was eating but also to feel great and be in the best health possible.

As an Occupational Therapist, I have over 20 years of experience helping people live at their most functional, independent, and personal best. What I began to notice time and time again was that there are many diseases that are affected by diet and overall lifestyle and as I got closer to age 50 I started to wonder what I could do to positively impact my health.

I had been on a diet roller coaster for years, gaining and losing and I was not getting the results I wanted. I kept going back to my lousy diet and still had terrible cravings for white carbs and sugar. I always loved exercise (yes true) but I could never really push myself like I did when I was younger. This was frustrating to me because I was always an athlete. For a long time, I shrugged it off as part of getting older. I remember a day sitting down to put my shoes on and my belly was in the way and I was huffing and puffing reaching to tie my shoes. Let that sink in, I was huffing and puffing while reaching to tie my shoes. This made me so sad. I truly felt there was no hope. I was thinking well, I am just always going to be fat, look horrible and feel horrible.

After my little pity party, I picked myself up and reminded myself that I am tenacious and I will not accept that this is how it has to be! I began researching and reading and where I landed brought me to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. It changed me in ways I never thought possible. Not only was I able to lose 50lbs in one year, I dropped my body fat by over 20%, got strong, fast and no longer need blood pressure or cholesterol medications. The photos of me on this site were taken by my daughter in my kitchen without photoshop in April of 2020. I am not perfect, will never be perfect but I have permanently changed my life!

After many conversations with other women (and men) who had the same struggles, I began to help others achieve the same success that I’ve had. It began with my own change and then I brought my husband on board. Since that time, I have helped several other people transition to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Some are like me, living it 100%; others choose to do it in stages or implement it at a lower percentage perhaps eating 2 whole food plant-based meals a day or even a few a week.

I founded The Plant Based Prima Donna to share my experience and my success and help others achieve the same weight loss, mental clarity, and increased energy. My signature program focuses on Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition and the implementation of Fitness and Emotional Wellness to your life.

I am living proof that this works. If you are thinking you will never feel good, be at your optimal weight or even that you are too old to change, think again. Now is the right time to implement these changes, you will not regret it.

I want to help you change your life, and never look back!