The Plant Based Prima Donna Personalized Experience

After years of wondering how to establish a sustainable healthy lifestyle and change not only my physical appearance but also to be mentally strong and feel balanced I found the key to success and want to share this with all of you.

  • You have always wanted to change your body, mind and soul.

  • You are wondering how to begin a whole food plant-based lifestyle, include exercise and mindfulness into your life and become a mental powerhouse.

  • You are ready to enjoy the food you are eating and preparing without feeling overwhelmed at the thought of cooking.

  • You are ready to feel the best you have in years in every area of your life and truly learn what a magnificent machine your body is at any age.

  • You want to learn from someone who is not a scientist or celebrity but is a regular woman, wife, mom and OT and took the science of others and implemented it into real life.

  • You want to make a permanent change now and live your best life well into your senior years.

The Plant Based Prima Donna Personalized Whole Food Plant Based Experience

Are you ready to accelerate your whole food plant-based journey? My One to One personalized program is for you. Your One to One Guide to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

Two 60 Minute Coaching Sessions per month for 6 months; includes discussion of your progress, lifestyle, fitness, weekly meal plans and mindset recommendations

Unlimited text and email support

Coaching and support to troubleshoot your personal challenges in making life changes

My personal commitment to your success!