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Want to sleep like a baby?

Quality sleep is a common problem for many people. Feeling tired at work contributes to lack of focus and decreased productivity. People tend to want to ramp up the room temperatures, but this is shown to inhibit sleep resulting in more difficulty executing throughout the day.

The ideal temperature for quality sleep is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit.  Temperature along with darkness are two important environmental factors in sleep quality. Keep the room dark, cool and rest well.

Sleep is such an important component to living your best healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is made up of three key parts. Mind, body, and soul. Eating healthy plant foods set your body up to achieve quality sleep and gives you the right foundation to take on all the demands of your day.

Prior to living a whole food plant-based diet for health I struggled to sleep through the night. I was restless and tired. Implementing my whole food plant-based diet not only affected my weight loss but I finally began to sleep well and wake up rested. I am a mom of 6 and even though they are young adults, I still worry like every other mom. With this lifestyle I am better prepared to handle everything since I am rested.

Nothing is perfect, but I completely notice a difference in the quality of my sleep when my body is properly fed with a healthy plant- based diet!

If you would like to try some of my simple whole food plant-based recipes, order my cookbook. It is a great starting point and the food is delicious. You can order it here for Amazon kindle or here for the e-book on my site.


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