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Welcome to The Plant Based Prima Donna. After spending years yoyo dieting and feeling defeated I discovered a whole food plant-based lifestyle. I was truly tired both mentally and physically and felt so frustrated that I could not get my weight in check, I was taking medication for my blood pressure and my cholesterol and time was ticking away. I spent a lot of time wondering if this was just how it goes when you are getting older and if there really wasn’t anything that I could do to have a significant permanent impact.

Some background on me. I like exercise, I know not everyone does but for me it has been a consistent part of my life. What got really frustrating was not having the energy, strength and balance I once did and finding that it was worsening even though I was active. This combined with my weight ticking up to a whopping 175lbs at its highest, scary since I am only 5’2” tall, was really bringing me down.

Like many people I was having my own little pity party about my circumstances. I was heading toward my 50th birthday and I had a personal revelation and it was this. It’s NOW! Now is the time I take control and impact my destiny, but how the heck do I do it.

A friend told me about a whole food plant-based lifestyle, I had never known much about it or even known someone who lived it. I spent a lot of time researching foods, what to eat and how to prepare delicious nutritious food. I love to cook but don’t worry if it’s not your thing. This can be very simple; you don’t have to make elaborate recipes to get nutrition.

Within a week of making the change, I was feeling great. I felt so satisfied because well, I LOVE CARBS. I was actually nervous to switch my breakfast from eggs to oats because I was worried that I would gain weight and guess what, NOPE. I began losing and doing so without hunger and cravings.

Then I started to notice that I could run faster, lift more and push my body in a way I had not been able to when I was working out. This was amazing to me because I was always an athlete as kid so it really felt like the fountain of youth.

Things were going well, very well, but in the back of my mind was the lingering thought of whether or not this lifestyle was sustainable. I am here to tell you it most certainly is and it’s simple.

I welcome you to try my signature program or personalized coaching and begin your journey!

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